Harpar Sign Installation

Since they began their Sign Installation Division in 1997, Harpar Management, have gained considerable amounts of experience and expertise. They now install signs for Canadian TODS Ltd., Ontario Logos, the Ministry of Transportation and several privately owned organizations. They are experienced in many types of highway sign and structure. These include: timber support ground mounted signs, steel breakaway structures, overhead sign installation, cantilever sign installation and more.

Harpar Management's sign installation equipment is some of the best in the industry, allowing them to install signs in almost any location and soil condition. They operate several auger trucks as well as bucket trucks, excavators and pickup trucks. Their augers are able to dig holes from less than twelve inches in diameter to nearly three feet in diameter. Larger holes can be dug with their excavator.

When rock is encountered, Harpar Management's rock drum allows them to cut through softer rock while the excavator can be used to dig out boulders. Bucket trucks and pickups allow them to install smaller signs and make repairs to existing signs more quickly and with less expense.

Equipment is only as good as its operator and at Harpar Management, their installation crews are knowledgeable and experienced. All of our employees are trained in Work Zone Safety Procedures and many are First-Aid certified.

If you would like more information on our Sign Installation Division, please contact us.